These are partner puppies! AKC and guaranteed!
SCROLL DOWN TO SEE PARTNER PUPPIES GROWN UP! 330-858-4488 Call Melissa, if you are interested in purchasing a puppy! Don't forget to see our "puppy videos" above, and our "about purchasing" page! CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE! Reserve your puppy today!

This sweet boy is STORMY! SORRY, He's SOLD! Price-$2,000.00 **All puppies are fed "Life's Abundance all life stages" food! Click the "Life's Abundance" link above to order.
So cute!
The father is GOOMBA!!

CARLOS! AVAILABLE! Price-$2,500. He is the son of Goomba and Bella...what a handsome boy he is...and he's ready to go! call 330-858-4488
this handsome boy is AVAILABLE!!
Bella is the mother!


This is HAZEL, she was a Partner puppy (BRED BY OUR PARTNERS) and she is a stunning bulldog! Her father is DUKE, on the Partner male's page! DUKE is the SON of CHAMPION Cherokee Legend Floyd! Some of the puppies above are from Duke!!
GRACE is also a partner puppy, her father is Honey Nut Cheerio, son of CHAMPION Showtime Silvercreek's Cheerio. He can be seen on the partner male's page!
MASTER CHIEF-son of CHAMPION CHEROKEE LEGEND ROCK, was a partner puppy. His mother is named VELMA, Velma only weighs 30-35 lbs.

BABYFACE! She is a partner puppy, her dad is PERCY! He can be seen on our partner males page, Percy has a pedigree LOADED with Champions! Her daughter is Tinker.
PEARL is a partner puppy, her mother is owned by our breeding partners and her father is GOOMBA!
MAX is the son of MADDOX on our partner males page!

MY GORGEOUS boy MAX is a partner puppy, and what a handsome boy he is!! His son JACOB has 1 blue eye!
Daisy is the daughter of PERCY! Her half-sister is Babyface!!

Lightning! AVAILABLE! Price- $2,000

BARKLEY! PRICE- $2,250.00 AVAILABLE!! Call 330-858-4488 if you are interested in purchasing this absolutely beautiful bulldog!
EDWARDO! AVAILABLE! Price-$2,250.00
SWEETIE! AVAILABLE! $2,250.00 she is so adorable!!

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